Systematic Eradication

SYSTEMATIC ERADICATION came out of the cradle in spring 2007. Craving to work against the actual musical trends and thereby to create something completely new, the best of different genres got mixed up to dash it on the people's ear canals with a crash. SE managed therewith to acquire the brutality of Death Metal, the power of Hardcore as well as the swing of good old Rock'n'Roll and to enrich the local music scene with this brutal and likewise entertaining character. In-your-face rhythms meet singalong verses, a recipe for success which you can hear on the twelve various songs of their first longplayer "Death'n'Roll" (Release April 2008). The first show in february 2009 was a headlining show breaking the visitors record in this location. It was followed by many different gigs inside and outside of Germany even at known festivals such as GRIND THE NAZI SCUM or ROCK AREA
(with Apocalyptica, Arch Enemy, Doro, Entombed, Napalm Death, Sodom, ...).
SYSTEMATIC ERADICATION are a Live-Band who searches the spotlight. They rock as noone else does.
When they started recording the new takes for "BARFIGHT MUSIC" in 2011 they almost knew that a big step will follow.
The development of the band is audible by any account. At the end of the year they found in
ANTSTREET RECORDS a siutable partner to bring the band a big step further.
In 2014 they begun with recording the new EP "III" after playing some shows and a small tour (including Spain). Accompanied by two guestsingers from
other genres who maked sure the output of the quintet wasn't only heard by Death-Metal fans.
With VOODOO CHAMBER RECs they found a label which doesn't only give the band the platform they need, but also give them the freedom to be creative.
SYSTEMATIC ERADICATION are ready to set the world on fire!


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