No Hope

- Info Sheet -

Founded in 1993 as a tribute to favourite bands like Carnivore and EyeHateGod,
NO HOPE never wanted to sound like other bands. Seven years gone by since the
first record was made.So the first CD “Bleeding Wounds” was released in 2001.
The CD was more dedicated for the band itself and the NO HOPE family than for a
wide audience.
After playing numerous gigs with this material and recording a new demo in late
2002, NO HOPE worked hard to get the job done. After a few throwbacks, the third
EP „Big Block Damnation“ was released in October 2009.
2010 and 2011 were good years spreading the doom all over Germany and abroad,
lots of gigs has been confirmed and tons of bands we got to know.
In 2012 we got the chance to support bands like A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH and
even CROWBAR. This entire 45 minutes gig was caught with a multi-camera video
shoot and can be watched at You Tube.
In 2013 we did the pre-productions for our next EP, and we decided to enter
SOUNDPLANT STUDIOS to get our new slow tunes professionally recorded.
Now we are in search of a record label that will distribute our newest release
on vinyl. Meanwhile we share it on Bandcamp and Soundcloud as online promotion.
There will be a cool videoclip on our YouTube Channel soon to promote the EP.


  • Bleeding Wounds LP (1999)
  • No Hope EP (2001)
  • Big Block Damnation EP (2009)
  • Possessed Addictet But Still Reborn EP (2014)


Band Members:

Alexander Schon - Drums, Vocals

Jochen Klose - Guitar

Christian Leidinger - Bass, Vocals

Christian Weiler - Guitars

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