"Moribund Star hits all the stops without ever detouring, pinching together contemporary progress with a reverence for all that's classic in heavy music'' - Heavy Planet

''They are forging their own style of Instrumental Sludge/Stoner Metal to stand out from the crowd as one of the best upcoming Instrumental Rock bands within the Sludge/Stoner Scene'' - The Sludgelord (USA)

MotherSloth is a Madrid-based band formed in 2008. In the band's style, you can find several influences - 70's inspired sounds combined with heavy guitar riffs and open chords, blended with spirally progressive melodies.

After various formations, the band records demos under the title “Death Flowers” (2009), and plays live throughout Madrid with other avant-garde stoner bands.

In 2012, with a more defined musical path, MotherSloth recorded their  EP “Hazy Blur Of Life“, edited in 2013 by Dooom Records, a small peruvian label .

MotherSloth created and gathered a good impression after playing at Kanina Rock festival (2012+DVD), Madrid Stoner Festival (2013), and being featured in various compilations, genre specialized blogs, magazines and radios .

In late 2013, MotherSloth decided to focus on the instrumental songs they have been writing throughout the years, recording their debut LP “Moribund Star” (2014) and displaying their full power live. The album is edited on CD in Feb. 2016 .

The band is about to release their latest effort, Moon Omen (Argonauta Records, March 2017) . This one takes their sound one step beyond and unveils a new path for both audience and them to explore.



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